miranda.howitt's Perfect Days

A Light Adventure In Edinburgh

    • Morning
      • Take a stroll down the Royal Mile

      • A lot of shops, and great old buildings. Plus you can always catch a Scotsman playing the bagpipe in a kilt.
      • Scottish Parliament Building

      • Really cool architecture. On the way to hike to Arthur's Seat, which is a must!
    • Afternoon
      • Hike to Arthur's

      • Beautiful views during the day (unless it's raining).
    • Evening
      • Edinburgh Castle

      • The castle itself is amazing, and during the evening the lighting around it makes it that much more magnificent!
      • The Elephant House

      • A must if you are a Harry Potter fan (check out the bathrooms too). Shortbread and vibe make this the perfect spot for afternoon tea.
    • Night
      • Greyfriars Kirkyard

      • Go at night if you want the full on creepy-gothic cemetery vibe. There are some beautiful tombstones, which I suggest seeing in the daytime as well. BONUS: If you are a Harry Potter fan look for Tom Riddle's grave.
      • Grab a pint and chat with the locals

      • Go to any bar. I have never met nicer people than the Scots!

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