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    • Morning
      • Aruba A Land of Wonders in The Caribbean

      • Aruba, the name in itself evokes a flurry of emotions ranging from excitement, to adventure, thrill, and happiness. The tiny island stands tall as a treasure in the Lesser Antilles regions of the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. The 33-km long isle is a haven for beach vacationers. Otherwise, too its breathtaking charm and magnificence cannot keep travelers away from its premises.

        Each year millions of passengers book cheap flights to Aruba with airlines like Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, KLM, Air Canada, and Finnair. Essentially a paradise for all seeking a refreshing retreat in its breathtaking panorama, let us look at the best things to do while on a holiday in the isle country.
    • Afternoon
      • Eagle Beach

      • Eagle Beach is Aruba’s treasured and most visited beach. Known as the “Low Rise Area,” this beach is popular for its gorgeous shorelines, mesmerizing white sands, and turquoise waters. It is popular for its adventurous water sports, and sunset cruises. It sets a perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway with your loved one. A trip to this beach will reward you with memories to be cherished for a lifetime.
      • Donkey Sanctuary

      • Donkey Sanctuary, the name may sound bizarre to many, but is a fact. This sanctuary is dedicated to the welfare of the donkeys on the island. Run by a non-profit organization the aim of this shelter house is to educate the locals about the care these animals should receive. At one point, donkeys comprised main mode of transportation in the island and today need the care and love to survive in the changing environments.
      • Casino at Hyatt Regency

      • Can a visitor ask for more on a holiday at one of the most popular destinations in the world? Besides, sightseeing and partying on the beach, the visit to a casino spices up the mood of the vacationers. With 255 slots, 21 gaming tables and 30 video poker machines, the casino is sure to enhance the thrill. The trip can prove to be rewarding if the lady luck shines bright on you that particular day!
    • Evening
      • Ostrich Farm

      • Ostrich Farm is another amazing place to visit while on the isle. This farm is dedicated for the service of these large birds. A trip to the farm will leave you more enlightened and knowledgeable. Ostriches lay the largest eggs or they have only two toes on each of their foot, are some of the facts you can learn during a trip to the farm devoted to these birds.
      • Arikok National Park

      • The Arikok National Park is one of the most exciting places to visit in here. The national park is home to some of the most amazing wildlife on the island. The park is home to species like the whiptail lizards, parakeets, and Aruban rattlesnakes. Many species of migratory birds, donkeys, goats, and iguanas too call this park their home. The breathtaking view, mesmerizing landscape, and a vast variety of flora and fauna make this park worth a visit.
    • Night
      • Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations

      • Besides the shopping, eating, and taking a stroll down the beaches of Aruba, Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations is another place of interest. Monolithic rock boulders located near the Ayo village offer a treat to the eyes!
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