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Make A Historic Walking Tour Of Moscow

    • Morning
      • Many major and few minor sights in Moscow can be toured with a small group of people by walking. This short walking tour will act as self help guide.

        Moscow, the capital city of Russia, has many major and few lesser known sights that serve perfectly as a walking tour. To successfully complete a walking tour you require energy, determination, and comfortable shoes. The journey can be taken in a small group of people with a trained guide. Generally a walking tour lasts for four to six hours depending upon the itinerary. In this short walking tour as described below the journey lasts for approximately for three hours and include five major locations in the neighbor of Kitai Gorod. You can start your walk from Red Square and finish your walk in Chistiye Prudy.
    • Afternoon
      • St. Basil’s Cathedral
        Walk to St. Basil’s Cathedral from Red Square. This cathedral is a 16th century construction that symbolizes Russia to the world. You need to walk through the labyrinthine stairwells and passageway. Contrary to the exterior which is quite vivid and abundantly designed, the interior feels cool and cramped. After leaving the cathedral reach to the Varvarka Street and continue to the next sight.

        English Court
        Reach to the English Court a wooden-roofed building after leaving St. Basil’s Cathedral. This is a 16th century home that was presented by Ivan the Terrible to English traders to increase trade between the two countries. The building is now a museum and exhibits artifacts that are labeled in English and Russian. It also hosts medieval music concerts. After visiting the museum walk further to the next sight.
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    • Evening
      • Romanov Boyars Museum
        This museum was once a residence of the Romanov Boyars and was later inhabited by Mikhail Romanov, who became the czar in 1613. This palace has been renovated since then and only the basement remains unchanged. The palace was part of a mini city that extended to the Moscow River. You can visit this museum and witness the small windows that are present on its thick walls which was common at that time. Walk to the next site.

        St. George's Church
        This church was constructed twice and the demarcation can be easily seen through the presence of different colors. It was at first built in the 16th century and then in the 18th century. The church conducts regular services including Orthodox wedding during weekends. After visiting this place continue further down the Varvarka Street to reach to the next site.

        Cyril and Methodius Monument
        The St. Cyril and Methodius monument was erected at the Slavic Square. It depicts the two 9th century monks who were credited for the invention of Cyrillic alphabet. These alphabets are used to this day in Russia and many Slavic countries. Behind the monument you will find Novaya Ploshchad that is lined with benches. You can relax here for some time and continue to the next sight.
    • Night
      • The Polytechnical Museum
        This museum was built in 1870s to advance science and technology in Russia. The museum has antique collections including typewriter, movie cameras, clocks, rockets, electronic instrument, and robots. These collections depict the technological innovations that were relic of the past century. After viewing the museum you can walk to the next sight.

        The church of the Archangel Gabriel
        This church was built in 1704-07 by Peter the Great. The most prominent architectural feature of this church is the twisting gold dome. The church portrays the dominance of European classicism over Russian architecture through its extraordinary buttresses and pelmets. Continue your walk to the last sight. Chistiye Prudy This area was once called as Dirty Ponds when it was put up by meat market which dumps its food waste in these ponds. Later in the 19th century the place was cleaned through the efforts of the city government and was renamed as Chistiye Prudy, which stands for Clean Ponds. Only one pond remains and is now the center for summer rental boats and winter skiing place for skaters and children.

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