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Sailing the Mediterranean, exploring forts in Sintra, Portugal, and snorkeling with sharks through the Galapagos Islands

    • Morning
      • MauerPark flea market

      • Every Sunday, MauerPark has a huge flea market with everything you can imagine and more--quirky booths and amazing food. After walking through the booths, stopping for food, and hearing the many musicians play, you can watch the live outdoor karaoke!
      • Park am Nordbahnhof

      • See an amazing depiction of how the wall looked when it was still erect but without all of the tourists. View history and see what made Berlin so different.
      • Mein Haus am See

      • Stop into this cafe/bar for a quick rest on the stadium style seats. If you don't make it during the day, stop by at night for a low key and cool bar scene of 20 and 30 year olds with an interesting layout upstairs and a cool club scene downstairs.
    • Afternoon
      • Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap

      • Cheap street food but so amazing and definitely a must in berlin! Gemuse kebap or doner is all over berlin and mustafa's is arguably the best. less than 5 euros for your meal, too!
      • badeschiff an der spree

      • A pool in the river! Fun, relaxing, and a party place!
      • Viktoria Park

      • Green, beautiful, biergarten, park.
    • Evening
      • East Side Gallery

      • Visit the famous East Side Gallery but at a time with fewer tourists so you can really appreciate the art!
    • Night
      • Liquidrom GmbH & Co. KG

      • Liquidrome is a perfect blend of interesting, unique, relaxing, and fun. It's a spa, but at night, the pool area has music and lightshows and can be a fun way to start out your night and really experience berlin.
      • Burgermeister

      • The best burgers, open late, in what was once a city toilette? Can't beat that.
      • White Trash Fast Food

      • A great club, so much fun! And right down the street from cool bars like Schmittz's!
      • I would stay at: Circus

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