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    • Morning
      • Breakfast @ Cafe Latina

      • Have you ever been to a ‘tapas diner’ before? Didn’t think so…No better way to start a day of decadent indulgence off than with a few of their specialty bakery items and small plates in this charming quaint Stowe spot.

        Where: Café Latina
        Price: $
        Hours: Tues-Sun 8:30am-3pm

        Tip: “Try the coconut honey Latina bread dipped in cinnamon eggs served with Vermont Maple syrup!”
      • Nebraska Knoll: Follow the Maple Scent

      • After that honey dipped cinnamon bread and maple syrup its hard not to wonder, “Where can I get me some of that fresh Maple Syrup?!”
        Head to this authentic Vermont sugar farm to see where the maple is made and purchase a few jugs to take home.

        Where: Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm
        Price: Free
        Hours: 10am-5pm Fri-Tues

        Tip: “Watch huge billows of steam waft from the cupola. The sap froths and bubbles. When thick enough, they draw it from the pans to be filtered and canned. Yummmm!”
      • Hike & Gourmet Picnic

      • Grab some gourmet cheese, meats, wine, beer, farm-fresh produce, and specialty food items and head up to Hike Mt. Mansfield. Enjoy the savory flavors with an unreal view of Stowe while regarding your appetite.

        Where: Harvest Market
        Price: $
        Hours: 7am-7pm

        Tip: “Ask for a taste of the warm bread fresh out of the oven.”
    • Afternoon
      • Lunch @ Green Goddess Cafe

      • Description: Grab a light bite at Green Goddess. They have amazing Panini’s, salads, specialty soups, a fresh juice bar and even a healthy kids menu.

        Where: Green Goddess Cafe
        Price: $
        Hours: 7:30am-3pm

        Tip: “A lot of their produce is grown in their very own garden!”
      • Fresh Vermont Cider

      • We had a light lunch for a reason…to save room for dessert! Check out Cold Hollow Cider Mill and dip fresh donuts off the line into warm Vermont cider.

        Where: Cold Hollow Cider Mill
        Price: $
        Hours: 8am-6pm

        Tip: “Why aren’t you there yet?”
      • Local Vermont Micro Brewery

      • We usually recommend starting to drink earlier in the day on vacation but this is worth holding out for. Vermont is known for its craft beers and micro breweries. At 4pm, Crop does tours and tastings of the brewery and craft beers.

        Where: Crop Brewery
        Price: $
        Hours: 4pm Tour

        Tip: “They do growlers, paddles and bombers all day!”
      • Vermont Herbal Fusion Wrap

      • Relax in an aromatic cocoon of warmth. Allow your muscles to release toxins and circulate more efficiently. Hot linens that have steeped in Vermont-grown herbs and flowers are layered on the body and then wrapped. While your body lets tension melt away, enjoy a head and neck massage with Topnotch's own custom-blended sage, cedar and lavender oils.

        Where: Topnotch Spa
        Price: $$$
        Hours: By Appointment

        Tip: “Let the world melt away!”
    • Evening
      • Dinner @ Flannel

      • After a super relaxing and invigorating spa treatment, its hard to go anywhere. Luckily, Topnotch’s Flannel restaurant is just steps away. Amidst stunning floor to ceiling glass windows with mountain views Flannel, pays homage to Vermont fresh ingredients, seasonal inspirations, world-class wines, and service.

        Where: Flannel @ Topnotch
        Price: $$
        Hours: 5:30pm-9:30pm

        Tip: “Sweet potato gnocchi just melts in your mouth.”
    • Night
      • I would stay at: Topnotch Resort & Spa

      • Sprawling across several acres with nature trails, a 30,000 sq ft spa, two restaurants, outdoor pools and so much more--Topnotch is an easy decision for the true Vermont experience. Whether you're traveling as a couple or with the whole family this place is fantastic.

        Where: Stowe, VT
        Price: Approx. $350/night

        Tip: "Upgrade to one of their suites to live in luxury!"

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