Topnotch Resort Being a remarkable boutique hotel, Fun & Adventurous

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Understated luxury, culinary crescendos, things that make you say spahhh, peak experiences, outdoor anything, local lore.

Best travel experiences

Anywhere you can explore new things by day and retreat to a sanctuary by night.

    • Morning
      • Breakfast @ Flannel

      • After your morning meditation grab some homemade granola + berries layered with Greek vanilla yogurt with a cup of Jade Cloud Tea.

        Where: Flannel @ Topnotch Resort
        Price: $$
        Hours: 7am-11pm

        Tip: “Take a 10 minute meditation on the Topnotch lawn before breakfast to clear your mind.”
      • Loosen the Body, Fuel the Mind

      • Learn tai chi at Topnotch! A gentle, holistic Asian exercise, T’ai Chi is practiced through a series of movements that develop and enhance health, energy, relaxation and well-being.

        Where: Topnotch Fitness
        Price: $
        Hours: See schedule

        Tip: “Come in with an open mind. It feels awkward at first but if you aren’t self conscious it is such a rewarding practice.”
      • Fall Towards Destiny Hike

      • Take a short hike through the woods and feel the power of the falls. Gaze into the stream that flows through the woods as it remains static yet constantly moving invoking a sense of impermanence that would leave even Buddhah in awe.

        Where: Bingham Falls
        Price: Free
        Hours: Daylight

        Tip: “Bring a camera and a swim suit and take a leap into the falls from the jumping rock! ”
    • Afternoon
      • Lunch from the Land

      • Keeping it zen its all about natural. Head to the Sunday farmers market for fresh local ingredients for a taste of the land.

        Where: Stowe Farmer’s Market
        Price: $
        Hours: 10:30-3pm Sundays

        Tip: “Make sure to check out the local musicians playing folk, bluegrass or jazz”
      • Horseback Riding

      • Through the woods, by the river and across the meadow. Get in touch with nature and serenely glide along with a four legged friend.

        Where: Topnotch Stables
        Price: $$
        Hours: 11am, 1pm, 3pm May-Oct

        Tip: “Ask your group to not talk for several minutes so you can enjoy the sounds of nature to their fullest.”
      • Energy Healing Spa Treatment

      • A private reading will provide insight into yourself, your career and your family—for the present and the future. 50 minutes

        Where: Topnotch
        Price: $$$
        Hours: By Appointment

        Tip: “Tarrot card reading is also available through the spa!”
    • Evening
      • Dinner @ Roost

      • Get cleaned up after your spa treatment and head to Topnotch’s newest restaurant to explore the notion that food can be playful & passionate at the same time. And that beer, wine and drinks, done well, are the craft that compliments the process.

        Where: Roost @ Topnotch
        Price: $$
        Hours: 4pm to close

        Tip: “The bar is also a shuffle board table, make sure to get a game in.”
    • Night
      • Lantern Night Tour of Stowe

      • Carry a candlelit lantern as you hear entertaining stories of the resident ghosts of Stowe. Hear compelling stories of early settlers & view Stowe’s historic downtown. Regain your composure with some hot cider & cookies in the historic & haunted Green Mountain Inn.

        Where: Stowe at Night Lantern Tours
        Price: $
        Hours: Ask concierge for a schedule

        Tip: “Hope you aren’t not afraid of the dark!”
      • I would stay at: Topnotch Resort & Spa

      • Sprawling across several acres with nature trails, a 30,000 sq ft spa, two restaurants, outdoor pools and so much more--Topnotch is an easy decision for the true Vermont experience. Whether you're traveling as a couple or with the whole family this place is fantastic.

        Where: Stowe, VT
        Price: Approx. $350/night

        Tip: "Upgrade to one of their suites to live in luxury!"

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