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    • Morning
      • Corbii de piatra

      • Corbii de piatra (The Stone Ravens). That is the way this place was named before and an endless history protects it with a wing. Well, this way, here, in Corbi village you have the feeling that you get sunk in the past, that crowds of unclear shadows haunt these enigmatic realms, stangely mixing with the people from this place.

        The rupestral church Corbii de Piatra known with good reason an enigma, won't allow you to discover it, so you have to go and see it, to pay astonishment tribute in front of it's beauty. Embeded in stone, hidden as a cave in the mountain's wall, it doesn't resemble anything: neither the rupestral cells from Bozioru, nor the cave from Namaiesti, nothing. The earliest dating of the rupestral church, as an orthodox dwelling creed, date from the end of the II nd century A.D., when it is believed thet the church was perfectly adapted for those times of persecutions,beeing well hidden, having no connection with the outside, except for a small door towards North, which was well hidden and it could be entered only on all fours
    • Afternoon
      • Zaplaz

      • Zaplaz

      • The place known as “La Zaplaz” is located in Piatra Craiului mountains (Romania), on the touristic route known as “La Lanturi” (The Chains) which climbs to the top, from Spirla refuge.
        These holes were dug through erosion over time by water in limestone, material from which these mountains are formed.
    • Evening
      • Namaiesti monastery

      • Namaesti Monastery, hidden in a rock at an altitude of 765 m, is situated in an area with ancient historical traces, a picturesque deosebit.Aşezată 5 km northeast of Campulung, the church is entirely hand carved in rock unknown, in the first half of XVI century.

        There are no known accurate data on founding hermitage, but legends transmitted orally from generation to generation-ancestors, the village Nămăeşti, mention the name of Prince Black Prince.

        Church wall murals can be seen clumsily made, with figures of saints, deleted southern porch. The interior is nepictat, with icons hanging on the walls. Here are the miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary, attributed to Luke tradition, framed in silver in 1798 and lithographed in 1871 by Major Papazogeu.
    • Night

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