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Perfect Day For Me

    • Morning
      • Signature Room at the 95th

      • Grab a fantastic buffet brunch and look out upon the expansive city. Look south for skyscrapers and city splendor, or look north to see the beautiful shoreline all the way to Wisconsin lined with parks, harbors, and residences.
      • Replanned from Matt M
      • Seadog Speedboat Rides

      • From Navy Pier, take the Seadog (or other competitor's) trip along the lakeshore. Another fantastic alternative is to take the architecture tour through the Chicago River which shows off Chicago's diverse array of styles and buildings. Highly recommended.
      • Replanned from Matt M
      • Lincoln Park Zoo

      • After heading North about a mile, you'll be close to the best, free city Zoo in the country: the Lincoln Park Zoo! Check out your favorite animal and enjoy!
      • Replanned from Matt M
    • Afternoon
    • Night

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