lindsaywollner21's Perfect Days

My Perfect Day In Hayaplexsay!

    • Morning
      • The Grand Stay

      • Wake up in a nice warm bed at The Grand Stay and have bamboo from bamboozled served to you in bed.
      • Olympic sychronized walking team

      • Go for a nice morning walk to practice the most famous sport in Hayaplexsay, synchronized walking.
      • Central City

      • Shower and get ready to go out to lunch at the Bamboo Cafe in the capital, Central City.
    • Afternoon
      • The Garden of Eve

      • Spend the afternoon working in the Garden of Eve, which is the largest garden in Hayaplexsay. While there you can pick bamboo, plant flowers, and visit pandas.
      • Central City Mall

      • Spend some time shopping at Central City Mall. Buy some new shoes for syncronized walking, get some ingrediants to make bamboo, and just enjoy some time with your family.
    • Evening
      • The Grand Spa

      • Take some relaxing time after the long shopping trip! You need to be nice and relaxed for the big marathon coming soon.
    • Night
      • Club 21

      • Get a drink with your homies since hanging out with friends and family is a very important thing in Hayplexsay.
      • Night Surfing on The Gulf

      • Go night surfing on The Gulf of Hayaplexsay to get a good workout for tomorrows marathon for syncnorized walking.
      • The Grand Stay

      • Go back to the hotel, The Grand Stay, and get a good nights sleep for tomorrow's big day.

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