spoon's Perfect Days


    • Morning
      • Camron Springs Cafe

      • At the Cameron Springs Cafe you can get the special coffee that helped the early people of Rosewood survive untill they got more food. The coffee has Rosewood tree sap inside of it, which is full of nutrients and also tastes great.
      • The Ravenwood Mountain Trail

      • The Ravenwood Mountain Trail is a nice way to relax and go biking to get out all your stress. Its a nice way to see some wildlife and get some exercise in. These trails are the trails that the early people of Rosewood took to explore the whole country.
    • Afternoon
      • The Kola Beach

      • At the Kola Beach you can go surfing, swimming, and fishing! There is a shack called the Shrimp Shack. The Kola beach is where the first people of Rosewood came to shore from there land of before.
    • Evening
      • The Lakeside Grill

      • In the night you can go to the Lakeside Grill. There you can have very good and low priced food hand made by our award winning chefs. Some of the food we serve are shrimp, nothern pike, and clams. This food served here is what the first people of Rosewood survived off of untill this conutry became more complex.
    • Night
      • The Kola Beach Festival

      • When you come to Rosewood you cant miss the Kola Beach Festival every weekend. The festivalincludes dances from the early people of Rosewood, food from the orgins of Rosewood, and music played by intruments of the Rosewood tree.

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