Bruno Caratori

    • Morning
      • Couve Flor Restaurante

      • High-quality self-service, right behind the Botanical Garden. You may see a Brazilian TV star.
    • Afternoon
      • Praia do Leblon

      • PAtrons are a good mix of families and the young. Go in front of Rua José Linhares.
      • Botequim Informal

      • Go to informal for a delicious cold Chope. Try "Mineirinho" a stir fry of beef, cheese, onions and manioc.
      • Bar Urca

      • Drink beer in real carioca style, siting at the side walk looking at stunning views.
    • Evening
      • Oi noites cariocas.

      • In the summer, go to one of the concerts atop the sugar-loaf. Stay for the party afterwards. Cariocas are really into it.

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