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Travel cravings

Sundays, roadtrips, spicy food, endless landscapes

Best travel experiences

A two-hour candlelit conversation with an old Buddhist monk in the middle of nowhere Mongolia, discovering artist town Jerome in Arizona by accident, tenting on the beaches of JeJu Island, Korea.

    • Morning
      • Surrey's Cafe & Juice Bar

      • Tugged away in a lonely side street, away from the buzz of downtown New Orleans, Surreys is a great place to start your day. It's the down to earth local brunch place, serving providing you with your Eggs Benedict fix every day of the week.
      • Lafayette Cemetary

      • Walking through one of the traditional New Orleans cemeteries is a fascinating experience. Being located above ground and often carefully decorated, the graves are an insight into the long history of the city.
        Also, the trees keep you cool...
    • Afternoon
      • Cafe Du Monde

      • Coffee at the most famous cafe in the French Quarter. Beware of the powdered sugar. There is usually a beignet hidden underneath it.
      • Nap Time

      • When it gets too hot in the afternoon, return to your hotel and nap for a little while, recharging to dance your socks of later in the night.
    • Evening
      • The French Quarter

      • Explore the French Quarter at night. Bring your camera. Discover all the different bars there are.
      • Pat O'Brien's

      • Pre-gaming with Tornados at Pat O'Brien's. Also in the French Quarter.
    • Night
      • The Spotted Cat Music Club

      • Leave the French Quarter and head to Frenchman Street. That's where all the locals, the cool kids hang out. And it is the place where some of that true New Orleans feeling is still alive, and not for the tourists. The Spotted Club is a live Jazz bar the way you imagine them to be. Great music. Dancing. Fun.

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