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Travel cravings

Sundays, roadtrips, spicy food, endless landscapes

Best travel experiences

A two-hour candlelit conversation with an old Buddhist monk in the middle of nowhere Mongolia, discovering artist town Jerome in Arizona by accident, tenting on the beaches of JeJu Island, Korea.

    • Morning
      • Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg

      • On your way to the Great Smoky Mountains, make sure to stop by the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg. Located in a dry county the distillery is the one and only place all JD is produced for world wide consumption. I recommend taking the tour and learning about Mr. Daniel's, the difference between Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon, the rotation (or lack thereof) of the barrels.
    • Afternoon
      • Nantahala Outdoor Center

      • Forgot your tent? Sleeping bag? Bear maze? Time to equip yourself before heading into the park.
      • Sugarland Visitors center

      • The Great Smoky Mountains are the most visited National Park in the US. But most visitors stay near the road and in the big campgrounds on the edge. A little bit of hiking through these beautiful mountains gets you away from the crowds fast. Stop by the visitor center to apply for a back country permit, pick a trail, and a remote campsite (takes 10 minutes).
      • Backpack

      • Drop the car and start backpacking into the wild. The trails are narrow but easy to follow. Just make sure to fill up on water whenever you cross a creek. The higher you get the harder water is to find. And some campsites have no water within an hour hiking radius.
    • Evening
    • Night
      • I would stay in: a Tent

      • Just don't forget to string up your food between the trees so the bears won't get to it.

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