taylorsingletary's Perfect Days

Island, Inland

    • Morning
      • Washington Square Park

      • We'll start walking down toward the bay and enjoy the park for a bit
    • Afternoon
      • In-N-Out Burger

      • We'll be hungry when we get back and ready to get some delicious hamburgers and fries at In-N-Out! EXTRA TOASTY BUNS!
      • Vesuvio Cafe

      • We'll walk off the food back up the hill to Vusuvio for a beer or cocktail!
      • Shoe Biz - Dinostore

      • And go shoe shopping. We'll, anywhere you want to shop on Haight!
      • Amoeba Music

      • I won't be able to resist a quick trip to Amoeba, but we'll find something there for you too!
      • Hobson's Choice

      • And then we'll walk back up to Hobson's Choice and have some Rum Punch!
      • Golden Gate Park

      • With our bellies full of rum we'll go for a walk in Golden Gate Park! Maybe all the way to 24th St....
    • Evening
    • Night

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