João Pucetti de Araujo

João's Perfect Days

New York Be Thy Name

    • Morning
      • Highline park

      • The way that the sun touches it at morning makes you have the sure that even NYC never sleeps, it knows how to wake up...
    • Afternoon
    • Evening
      • Times Square

      • Watch the nightfall at Times Square is one of the things we have to do in life...
      • Empire State Building

      • Doesn't matter how long you have saw this, you will remember the big city lights as long you live...
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    • Night
      • space billard ca

      • Shhh... It's a secret place, you have to know how to get on it... It's cheap and you can live the american way of rest.
      • I would stay at: Jazz on the Park Hostel

      • Be welcome and part of the family...

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