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Bouldering in Fontainebleau, Trekking in Tibet, Sea-kayaking in Thailand, Zip-lining in Laos,

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A Little Time In The Trees.On The Lam In London.Bucket Showers & Dawn Strolls

    • Morning
      • Bokeo Nature Reserve

      • This is not an ideal excursion for the faint of heart, nor is it an ideal excursion for a single day - it's three days or none at all. Although, I can assure you they will prove to be some of the most gorgeous three days of your life.

        This is an experience for everyone who sat in a treehouse as a child, and was unhappy with the vista it offered: undoubtedly it was something suburban; undoubtedly the only interesting vista was the kids next door jumping on their trampoline.

        Bokeo offers more: a canopy level room, with almost uninterrupted panoramic sight lines, running water, and a little dash of electricity to charge your essentials. There is no reception, so don't even think about trying to call your friends to tell them what a great time you're having. That's not the point. Save it. Savour it.

        The only access to the rooms, and the only way to travel around the park is via zip-line, some of which are half a kilometre long. The lines are suspended anywhere from 60 to 150m above the jungle floor, which means if you are afraid of heights, this will be a resoundingly terrifying experience.
    • Afternoon
      • Gibbon Spotting

      • If you are lucky, you might catch sight of one of these elusive little chaps. However, they are relatively shy, and you may find that you complete your three days without a single sighting - not the end of the world, there are plenty of other wildlife to see, and the guides are unbelievably adept at imitating a range of animal calls....which means that for the truly lazy, it is possible to sit in the treetops and simply wait for them to come to you.

        Failing all else, I can safely say that spending a few days sailing through the air on half kilometre zip-lines, watching your feet dangle above tree tops and taking in the gorgeous surroundings...is one of the most satisfying, not to mention childishly fun things about the whole experience.
    • Evening
      • Lao Food

      • Each room has a small kitchen set on a nearby hillside (fear not, no one will try to light an open fire in a tree), the staff will whip up a dizzying array of traditional foodstuffs for all three meals, and the guides will ferry them across to the rooms.

        There is certainly something for all the Foodies out there: grilled bull hearts, Lao sticky rice, shots of Lao Lao (a rice based moonshine, which will strip paint off a wall), and soups etc.
    • Night
      • Sleep

      • You rise with the sun, and you tend to snooze as it sets. Relatively straightforward.

        There are plugs, and outlets, and a spare bulb hanging about, though if you use the lights after sunset - you are in the midst of the jungle, remember - you will attract many a mosquito, gnat, or other charming insects who will delight in entertaining you with an endless barrage of bites. Leave it out. Sleep at sundown.
      • I would stay at: Bokeo Nature Reserve

      • The full package price is hard to nail down, as it is in constant flux, but expect to pay somewhere around $300 for 3 nights, transport, and meals. (Tipping is extra, but you know that).

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