Kate Imbach fancy hotels, tacos off the street

    • Morning
      • P.S. Gourmet Coffee

      • grab a coffee and wander around Southie listening to Boston accents
      • newbury street

      • Walk down Newbury, through the Public Gardens to Charles Street in Beacon Hill
    • Afternoon
      • Neptune Oyster

      • lunch! you get the lobster roll hot with butter, your travel companion gets it cold with mayo. split them. go at off hours since the wait can get crazy.
      • Shay's Pub & Wine Bar

      • beer, chipotle bean nachos, eavesdropping on overwrought debates among Harvard philosophy students.
    • Evening
      • Great Scott

      • catch a show in Allston. Great Scott, the Paradise, Brighton Music Hall. Wherever.
    • Night

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