Profile-06-hero's Perfect Days

Reykjavik, Iceland

    • Morning
      • Wake up in the darkness and grab a quick bite at The Laundromat

      • Simple food but does the trick when you need a full day's fuel inside you for glacial adventures
      • Head out on the Golden Circle Tour (use Mountaineers of Iceland) and check out the Gulfoss, Geysirs and Langjokull Glacier

      • The glaciers in Iceland are some of the most incredible landscapes I have ever seen
    • Afternoon
      • Head back from the Golden Circle Tour via The Blue Lagoon. Eat lunch in the Lava Restaurant and then take a dip in the Lagoon. Be sure to book a water massage a couple of weeks in advance.

      • There is no place like the Blue Lagoon on earth - just spectacular.
    • Evening
      • Head back into Reykjavik and have a drink at Kex Hostel

      • A hidden gem. It's a basic hostel but the bar and restaurant feel like a New York Lower East Side / London Shoreditch style hangout. They also host great intimate gigs.
      • Eat dinner at The Grill Market. Make a reservation or get just as nice an experience ordering appetizers in the lounge with cocktails

      • Great atmosphere and perfect basement bar for those cold nights.
    • Night
      • If you have the energy, head out on a midnight Northern Lights tour to chase down the Aurora Borealis

      • If you're lucky enough to see the Northern Lights you will just be blown away by their magnificence.
      • I would stay at: If you're on a budget, stay at Kex Hostel - no question. If you want the best Reykjavik has to offer, stay at Hotel 101.

      • Great boutique hotel and definitely the best place to stay in Reykjavik. In need of a refresh in the next couple of years but still great.

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