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Sunsets And Samba In Rio De Janeiro

    • Morning
      • Big Polis Sucos

      • Café da manhã (breakfast!) at my favorite juice stand. Years later, I still dream about their açaí (mashed Brazilian berries) and pão de queijo (cheese bread).
      • Cristo Redentor

      • Since it's Rio, you absolutely must see Cristo. Only go up if it's sunny, though - clouds at the top can make it impossible to see the gorgeous views!
    • Afternoon
      • Ipanema Beach

      • No trip to Rio is complete if you miss the beach. In Rio, the postos (lifeguard stands) are markers for different social scenes. The young and hip hang out at Posto 9 in Ipanema, making it a must-see. If you're a runner, run along the beach from Ipanema to Leblon - the views are unparalleled.
      • Academia da Cachaça

      • Brazilians are serious about their cachaça (sugarcane rum), and nowhere is more serious than Academia da Cachaça. Stop by after the beach for a caipiriha (maracujá flavor is my favorite!)
    • Evening
      • Pizzaria Guanabara

      • Pizzaria Guanabara is a place to see and be seen, never mind try Brazilian-style pizza. Great place to get dinner before your night out!
      • Pedra do Arpoador

      • This is no ordinary rock - the sunrise and sunset views from atop are breathtaking. Climb up to get beautiful shots of Dois Irmãos (the mountains marking the edge of Leblon) before the sun goes down.
    • Night
      • Carioca da Gema

      • Carioca da Gema is a fabulous samba spot, right in the heart of Lapa, Rio's legendary party district. Be careful here (take a cab!) but make sure to dance yourself silly - locals are super friendly and will always teach you their favorite dance, samba!

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