Oskar Bruening CTO at Peek, Explorer

Travel cravings

Sundays, roadtrips, spicy food, endless landscapes

Best travel experiences

A two-hour candlelit conversation with an old Buddhist monk in the middle of nowhere Mongolia, discovering artist town Jerome in Arizona by accident, tenting on the beaches of JeJu Island, Korea.

    • Morning
      • Brunch at Cafe Mogador

      • This place holds a special place in my heart. The mediteranean brunch is crazy good.
    • Afternoon
    • Evening
      • Korzo Haus

      • By far the best burger. EVAR! I won't give away the secret, but this place has amazing food.
      • DessertTruck Works

      • Most amazing creme brulee, chocolate mousse, filled donuts.
    • Night
      • Please Don't Tell

      • Make your reservation at 3pm sharp. Not a minute too late. Go to the hot dog place. Step into the phone booth. Call any number. Walk through the hidden back door. Down an Old Fashioned. Tip the bar man.

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