Perfect Day: A Parisian Holiday with Style Icon Giovanna Battaglia

A Parisian Holiday with Style Icon Giovanna Battaglia
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Fashion Editor for W Magazine

Eclectic traveler

I want to do everything and go everywhere. I crave beautiful clear water and nature, but on the other end I also love to explore amazing palaces and museums! When I travel, I love anything from culture to adventure to just being super relaxed not wanting to do anything – it really depends on my mood and the season.

My earliest travel memory is of Paris. I would spend my perfect day here for so many reasons: food, architecture, romance, culture, wine, and beauty all around! My most memorable moment here was having lunch with my friends on a very chic boat on the Seine, all for us! We had so much fun and had incredible views. The most romantic thing you can do here is stroll through the Jardin de Luxembourg. For going out at night, I would head to Chez Raspoutine, Le Montana Supper Club, or Silencio. I would stay at either the Shangri-La Hotel or Le Bristol Paris.

Seine River

The activities that can't be missed

  1. Walking along the Seine River.
  2. Eating a Croque-Madame at Café de Flore.
  3. Shopping for antiques.
Au Sauvignon Wine Bar

My favorite places to eat are

  1. Caviar Kaspia for the pomme de terre au caviar (baked potato with caviar!).
  2. Marius & Janet
  3. Au Sauvignon Wine Bar
Palais Royale

The places you should definitely see

  1. Palais Royale - for its majestic gardens and tranquil waterscapes.
  2. The Louvre - an amazing museum that's easy to get lost in.
  3. Pont Alexandre III - ornate and extravagant.
Place Dauphine

My favorite "hidden gems" are

  1. Deyrolle is my favorite store! A cabinet of curiosities.
  2. Charvet for shirts that are tailored perfectly.
  3. Place Dauphine is magic!

The place I'm most excited to go next is Africa.


We took Giovanna's favorite places and created a Perfect Day.