Perfect Day: Hidden Sounds with Director & Artist Kenzo Digital

Hidden Sounds with Director & Artist Kenzo Digital
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Director of RSA Films / Artist

Culture buff, record hunter

My travel cravings are for traveling to cities I can imagine living in, and then temporarily reconstructing my life in NY in said city. My earliest travel memory is being sent to live with family friends in Japan that often spoken no English.

I would spend my perfect day in Paris because it is a cosmopolitan, culturally rich, ethnically diverse city and the most relaxing city in the world. It is the best walking city because it is not laid out on a grid like NY. The architecture is incredible; there are certain intersections in Paris where multiple streets converge on one point, and you can look down each block and see perfect perspective lines for several miles in every direction. I would stay at Le Royal Monceau when visiting Paris.

Jazz Clubs

The activities that can't be missed

1. Doing absolutely nothing. Seriously, this is the best city to walk aimlessly for hours, watch back-to-back movies at the theaters, and read books in the parks. The less you do the better sometimes. Every neighborhood has its own distinct personality.

2. Great art museums: The Louvre is exhausting but comprehensive, Centre de Pompidou is overall great and has an awesome video art library, and Palais de Tokyo has some great modern art exhibitions.

3. Paris' jazz clubs.

Pho 14

My favorite places to eat

1. Chez André: Never had a bad dish here. Often get the chicken or steak tartare. Everything is good here.

2. Isami: Awesome Omakase sushi.

3. Pho 14: best Pho I've ever had, period.

4. L'as du Fallafel.


The places you should definitely see

1. The Bastille.

2. Walk through the streets of Montmartre.

3. Pigalle is a great neighborhood to walk through.

La Dame Blanche

My favorite hidden gems

1. Bimbo Tower: Awesome record store, bizarre collection of music, soundtracks, and magazines.

2. BD Spirit: Awesome comic book and graphic novel store.

3. La Dame Blanche: Best rare jazz record store I've ever been to.


We took Kenzo's favorite places and created a Perfect Day.