Perfect Day: An Eccentric Escape with Vegas Cirque du Soleil Performer

An Eccentric Escape with Vegas Cirque du Soleil Performer
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Joel Sebastian

Psychonaught / Art enthusiast

My travel cravings are for street art, magical forests, ancient civilizations, mystery, ritual and ceremony, Rococo decadence and decaying, abandoned buildings. My earliest travel memory is going to Epcot; next on my adventures is partaking in a Ayahuasca ceremony on the Amazon.

I would spend my perfect day in Las Vegas because there is a lot of stimulation. While visiting Las Vegas, I would stay at the Artisan Hotel Boutique. My most memorable moment here was getting married in the Palms "Barbie" suite; the most romantic thing you can do here is watch the sunset at Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon

The activities that can't be missed

Mint Indian

My favorite places to eat

1. Mint Indian, which includes vegetarian and vegan options.

2. Go Raw.

3. Whole Foods.

The places you should definitely see


My favorite hidden gems

Park, a bar and restaurant on Fremont Street.

The Beat Coffeeshop on Fremont Street for vinyl lovers.

Artifice, a bar on Charleston.


We took Joel's favorite places and created a Perfect Day.