Perfect Day: Manhattan to Brooklyn with Adrian Grenier

Manhattan to Brooklyn with Adrian Grenier
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I travel so much for work that when I have some time off I love indulging and being a beach bum. My earliest travel memory was when I was three years old and my mom woke me up incredibly early to head out on a family road trip. I can still see the predawn light coming through the window as she picked me up out of bed and can still feel the warmth of the blanket she wrapped me in to guard against the cold outside. For such a simple memory, it's still so vivid to me!

In New York I would stay at The Gramercy Park Hotel, it's my favorite spot in Manhattan. Having grown up here, it's nearly impossible to pick a single "most memorable" experience, there have been so many amazing times with friends after a big night out.

Brooklyn Bridge

The activities that can't be missed are

  1. Going to The Met.
  2. Checking out an Off Broadway show.
  3. Biking across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Cafe Mogador

My favorite places to eat are

  1. Cafe Mogador - I love the Middle Eastern Eggs.
  2. Tea and Sympathy - The Branston Pickle on cheese and toast is incredible.
  3. Taboon - Amazing Turkish food. Make sure you make a reservation though!
Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The places you should definitely see

My favorite "hidden gems" are

  1. Checking out the galleries in Chelsea
  2. Habana Outpost Bar


We took Adrian's favorite places and created a Perfect Day.