Perfect Day: Miami Art Adventures with Cynthia Rowley

Miami Art Adventures with Cynthia Rowley
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When I travel, I always need an activity from dawn till dusk. I've never been one to sit by the pool with a good book or go to a spa! I love to visit Miami for Art Basel. My most memorable moment in the Magic City was having drinks in the batting cage inside A-Rod's home - with his incredible art collection! I would stay at the Raleigh, for its history and old school Miami charm.

Exhibit, Rubell Family Collection

The activities not to be missed

1. Go to the De La Cruz Collection - it's my favorite collection of private art.

2. The Rubell Family Collection is always a highlight as well.

3. André Saraiva's pop-up club during Art Basel is always the best!

I write these recommendations from the Ngorongora Crater in Africa, and was in Brazil and Mexico the last few weeks. I would say the place I'm most excited to go next is New York City or Montauk, but work is taking me oversees for a new store opening so I'm very excited about that!


We took Cynthia's favorite places and created a Perfect Day.