Perfect Day: DC Exposed with Jared Cohen

DC Exposed with Jared Cohen
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Director of Google Ideas


I am an adventurer who loves to find an itinerary not in the guidebook. My travel cravings are for anything that makes me feel like I am going back in history. The earliest travel memory I have is a beach in St. Barths where the small airplanes dip down before landing.

I would spend my perfect day in DC because it has enormous history all within walking distance. My most memorable moment here was the first time I went bowling at the White House. The most romantic thing you can do here is take a stroll through The National Mall and walk around the reflecting pool. I would stay at The Willard Hotel or the Hay Adams when visiting DC.

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

The activities that can't be missed

1. See a show at the John F. Kennedy Center.

2. Spend a day getting lost in the Smithsonian, which has museums that cater to every single interest and curiosity.

3. Kayaking on the C&O Canal.

Bourbon Steak

My favorite places to eat

1. Rice—get their spicy yum beef appetizer and spicy duck entree.

2. Bourbon Steak—the garlic rolls are delicious as is the NY Strip.

3. Restaurant Nora, which is a little pricier, has very romantic and delicious food.

Dumbarton Oaks Botanical Gardens

The places you should definitely see

1. Dumbarton Oaks Botanical Gardens in Georgetown.

2. Old Town Alexandria is always worth an afternoon stroll.

3. Walk along the Georgetown waterfront.

DC Bookstores

My favorite hidden gems

1. Attend a seminar at one of Washington DC's prestigious think tanks.

2. There are a few Karaoke taxis that you may be lucky enough to find, which have dozens of pages of songs and a Karaoke machine. If you find one, don't lose the number.

3. There are some fantastic rare bookstores, which offer books as old as the 16th century.


We took Jared's favorite places and created a Perfect Day.