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    What to do with Teens in Paris

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    Although te tour was a bit pricey, we had an individual tour with a great guide. Alexander was very knowledgeable and "simpático" with his explanations. He took us through the important places in Louvre and D'orsay, which can be overwhelming because of the size of the museums and the richness of the exhibits. it was worthwhile and very pleasant.
    August 16, 2017 | Paris Museum Hop-On Tour
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    The Louvre Tour was excellent. Our wonderful tour guide Athena was able to streamline the process to allow us to see all the major works in our short time frame. It was breathtaking and very enjoyable. As for Orsay, it was a bit more tame and less exciting in comparison. However, Athena livened up the flow of the tour with many fun anecdotes such as telling us about her favourite caricature figure, the pricing of some paintings, and how Van Gogh's mental condition added distortion to his works. The doors of hell were also a good bit we enjoyed. Athena was great all around, we would love to have her on another tour given the chance.
    July 29, 2017 | Paris Museum Hop-On Tour
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    The group was very small only five persons and our tour guide Francis was exceptional! He was very well versed in the art and exhibitions that he shared with us that day at both museums. He definitely has a passion for the arts for that came across in a very favorable approach in which he utilized to make the entire party aware of incremental tidbits of facts and aspects that we would never have been able to extract from a guide book. This tour scored the very best of all five tours that my kids and I participated in over our five day stay in Paris. I would highly recommend this tour approach to anyone who is truly interested in learning more about the art contained in the museums.
    July 22, 2017 | Paris Museum Hop-On Tour
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    Katrina was extremely knowledgeable about the museums. She had a great personality and we very much enjoyed spending the day with her!
    July 19, 2017 | Paris Museum Hop-On Tour
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    I was hoping it wouldn't be so crowded. I assumed that the description meant that we would get to tour before the general public. I should have done more research regarding tours. First time in Europe. Live & learn! The tour guide was very informative but wished we had ear phones because of the crowd / noise.
    June 23, 2017 | Paris Museum Hop-On Tour