Paradox Alley Escape Game in Bradley

  • 42 Ratings

Put your thinking cap and begin a puzzling inquiry into the disappearance of your boss. Assemble your crew for this escape room adventure where it's up to you to find out what happened.

Duration: 1 hour
Cancellation: No refunds for cancelled bookings.

What You Will Do

  • Enter Paradox Alley: Unlock clues that will help you solve the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Darkwell
  • Race against the clock with an escape room game where you have to think under pressure in order to win the day
  • Put your investigator skills to the test as you look for clues and secrets that point you in the right direction

What's Included

  • Escape room game

Customer Reviews

  • 42 Ratings

  • Sara

It was a very fun and challenging time!

February 20, 2018

  • Erinn

It was a pretty good escape room, especially for our area. I’m surprised that Bourbonnais/Bradley Area even has an escape room. We did “The Cure” first and it was good enough to bring us back to Paradox Alley. Both rooms were built well and were well thought out. I would suggest both of the rooms. Just a few aspects of feedback: 1. The story really is an important element of an escape room. The guy who owns the place wasn’t confident in the story. 2. A timer is a key part to the experience trying to beat the clock provides a heightened element. 3. It’s a little strange that there is a door that is unlocked into another escape room. Good thing we had been there before, otherwise that would’ve been so confusing! 4. It was also a bit strange that our door wasn’t even locked. 5. When we finished the room, nothing happened, so we didn’t know we were done. So we had to knock on the door to ask if were done. A bit awkward and underwhelming. 6. You need to get the hints system down better as well. It’s so Tacky to bang on the door and have someone come in and assess where you are. Have a walkie talkie, or designated cell phone to exchange hints. Yet, strangely I would still recommend coming here to do both rooms. Things we liked about the rooms: 1. The story-line is connected between the two rooms 2. The sensors aspect were very cool. Having to scan things and getting codes from objects were cool. 3. Many of the features, like the van, seemed like they took a lot of time. 4 everyone has been very friendly. 5. $25 is reasonably priced for an escape room. Many are $30 or $35. These rooms should not be priced in that range, $25 is fine. Overall, I would suggest to improve the overall experience. Make it feel like you have to escape. Perhaps change things based on how experienced people are. We want it intense since we frequently do escape rooms. Some first timers may like it more introductory and flexible.

February 18, 2018

  • Jonathan

Had an excellent time with a double-date at Paradox Emporium. We did the 'Paradox Alley' room, and had a great time. Puzzles were well designed to be challenging without being impossible, and the eventual reveals and realizations were satisfying. Puzzles had better construction design than I anticipated, and the decorations and puzzles maintained the mood effectively. The gentleman who facilitated our escape room helped us out a couple times, but never held our hand through a challenge. We definitely plan to go again!

February 7, 2018
101-105 N Kinzie Ave, Bradley, IL 60915, USA
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