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Hi there :o) After a tour in 2013 with Phillip's Photography Tours in Monument Valley, which was very great, we wanted to relive that experience in Mystery Valley in 2017 (just about 2 weeks ago). Both times Ray has been our guide and he was just great. He knows the area very well and he knows about photography better than me. Ok, that might not be too surprising. But if you combine his photography skills with his knowledge of the surroundings you can imagine where this might lead. We met other "photo guides" on our tour who left their vehicle just in front of the point of interest. What kind of guide does this?? Ray knows about the area, photography _and_ he can judge the light conditions! So wether you are an amateur, like me, or a pro: my guess would be that a tour with Phillip's Photography will satisfy your needs. Just ask for Ray as a guide. If you search for "Buddy Trash" on flickr.com you can find two photos I took in 2013. Unfortunately I have overdone the Lightroom efforts. But you will get the idea. So that is the reason why I rated this tour 5 stars. To make it clear: I get nothing out of this review. It is as honest as it can be. Bodo Zentner 11th June 2017, Hamburg, Germany