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    Kayaking in New Orleans

    The experience was great, and we had a great time! The only reason I didn't give five stars is I really would like to have heard more about the history of the neighborhood throughout the tour. I felt like it was great at the beginning when we got the introduction, but kind of petered out. Otherwise, great job, and like I said, we had a lot of fun.
    I was hoping for a bit more information about the building and animals that we saw. But it was very enjoyable to learn about what has changed in the city over the years.
    Wish there was more history provided
    Our kayak tour was a really relaxing way to spend the afternoon (I was worried that it was going to be a lot more strenuous). The guide had great local knowledge and was very easy to talk to. My fiance enjoyed it so much that he bought a kayak as soon as we got back to Australia!
    Nice tour and exactly what I wanted - a good, light physical activity and a different way to experience and learn about New Orleans.

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