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    Napa-Sonoma: 53 Tours and Activities

    I've lived in Sonoma County most of my life and have been to many breweries, but his was a great way to experience them. The crew was very informative and accommodating. There was alot of time spent at each brewery.. which is good and bad. I'd rather see another brewery or two and little less time spent at some.
    Too much, lots of beers and many technical terms. Wonderful nice people.
    I didnt feel like it was as unique of an experience as I thought it would be. I was hoping for more behind the scenes stuff, but we only got that at Lagunitas. It definitely didnt feel VIP lol. The first brewery was great but then the other two it was just sitting there like anyone else and drinking beers. We couldve done that on our own without paying for a whole tour. I just was hoping for a more unique experience. We still had a blast though and Katie was awesome :)
    This tour was great! This is a great way to sample some of our local breweries. Perfect for people visiting the area but even for locals who may have already visited all the stops it's still a fun, safe option for an all day beer adventure. Dan and Elizabeth were our guide and driver and they were fantastic. I highly recommend this tour.
    Great trip, guide was very knowledgeable, lots of tasty beer!, one thing I'd change or adjust is to create more of a sit down lunch at one of the breweries. I think this would add more perceived valu to the tour. Other than that lots of fun If recommend it.