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    Nature & Wildlife in Miami

    Our guide was knowledgeable and very nice to all on the tour. She told us about the various animals that we saw and could call them over to the fence or edge of the cage, so she clearly knew them and related to them very well.
    Very pro. Nice people. But The bottom is......why are those cages so small? How can almost any of those beautiful creatures being truly happy.... That's how a felt on my way out....
    It was great to see all types of animals in a close encounter. It's a great job the foundation is doing!!
    Amazing opportunity to see and spend time with beautiful and rare animals, great team work, thank you:)
    The actual experiences were outstanding...we loved every minute of it. The reason for 4 stars vs. 5 stars is that the check-in process was a bit unclear and our tour started about 15 minutes late. So, there is room for improvement, but nothing too bad. The other reason is that when I booked our tour, it was not clear to me that we could have ordered more experiences, like doing something with liger cubs or snow leopards or something. My kids really wanted to do that...we were thinking of paying more to do that, but just decided to leave. Again, nothing major, but an area of improvement for your website or related processes. We have already recommended ZWF to friends. Thanks again!

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