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    Staff was responsive and boat was fine. Felt boat was underpowered. Also had minor mechanical difficulties that cut into allotted time. Basically, the boat would run at around 5000 rpm's and all of a sudden lose power. Then boat would idle forward but would only return to around 2000 rpm's at full throttle (would not plane off). Then I would turn it off, let it sit for a minute, fire it back off and everything would run fine until it happened again. This happened 3 times. It was an awful lot like when seaweed gets wrapped around the prop, but the problem would continue even after I placed the motor in reverse in an effort to get rid of any seaweed that might be wrapped around the motor. Anyway, after the 3rd time, we had no further problems and were able to finish our outing.
    Everything was great, the crew really helpfull and kind.
    Very professional and curtious. The boats are clean and in excellent condition. Very helpful getting in and out and the location makes it trouble free for getting to the ocean. Simply the best, as we only rent in the Bahamas, my experience and my boys were everlasting. Job well done Blue Water! Keith Thompson US Army Retired
    there were no cushions on the bow seats just hard plastic. To their credit the guys tossed in a cushion for one side before we shoved off
    Had a great time, will definitely see you again!

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