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    Fantastic and convenient service! This made the sunrise so much more enjoyable.
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    I can not recommend this service enough! Found this service via a simple google search for jacket hire in Haleakala. Can honestly say I was really pleased I found it as it really made the whole experience a lot more tolerable and enjoyable. We went on the 22nd March for sunrise and can tell you that it's A LOT colder up on the summit than you might think. There were many ppl under prepared for the cold, with blankets and towels shivering away barely able to take their photo's. I can honestly say i hardly felt the cold with all the gear I hired via this service. The best part of the service was that Jan met us on our way to the summit in the wee hours of 3:30am. She delivered our coats, ski pants, gloves, neck warmers en route, and then we met her and dropped them off to her on our way back down. It doesn't get better than this in customer service! One of our gang got sick not long after our sunrise visit, most likely because she wasn't warm enough and didn't invest in hiring the gear we did. I'm pretty sure we would have also got sick had we not hired Jan's gear. Invest in keeping warm, you'll enjoy the experience a lot more, and don't ruin the rest of your holiday by getting sick! Get in touch with Jan at Haleakala Outfitters she'll sort you out!

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