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    This was a truly teriffic tour. The guide is well versed on the history of Hollywood including many very interesting stories that would be next to impossible to research on your own. I highly recommend thistour to anyone wanting to learn more about the history of Hollywood vice the stereotypical hollywood "must see sites".
    Thanks Felix! Was an awesome tour. I'll never look at LA the same, especially Hollywood.
    Phillip gave us so much information about the history of Hollywood in a very interesting and entertaining manner! His tour was full of facts, laced with humor, photos and tales about interesting people. We really had a grand time and would highly recommend the tour!
    If you are a Golden Age film buff, Felix's tour is definitely the best option for seeing Hollywood! LA has built over and shopping-malled practically all the important sites that created it, and you would never know what key historic events happened along Sunset Boulevard without someone as knowledgeable and dedicated as Felix to show you. His commitment to research, amazing memory for anecdotes and facts, and his fascination with Golden Age glamour really bring the history alive. It's not just a script, either - as the Q&A at the end of the tour showed, he really knows his stuff. It was great to meet someone similarly obsessed (I'm sure he won't mind me using the word) with the great days of Hollywood.
    Phillip (Felix) was very informative and well-researched. His walking tour was entertaining, and he kept the interest of our group for the entire time. He has a deep knowledge of the history of Hollywood, and it was fascinating to learn some of the inside scoop, particularly of the birth of Hollywood. I'd definitely recommend this tour for anyone who enjoys the history of movies, TV, or music.

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