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    Snorkeling in Los Angeles

    Annaliese took the time to explain everything to myself and my 2 children. We really enjoyed the tour and will probably do it again and bring friends this next time.
    my overall experience was AWESOME...first time snorkeling. The 2 guides were more than helpful. if anything negative it would be the parking and little difficulty finding location. Definitely would recommend it to everyone...Thank You Surf you to the Moon....
    The guides were incredible and awesome! Super helpful and knowlegable! Such a fun time and flexible and great!
    My brother was provided with damaged gear...
    This was a very fun experience. I've never snorkeled before. In fact, only 2 days ago was the first time I'd gotten under the ocean water more than knee deep. At any rate, I felt super comfortable with the three guides and all the other people. It was a very welcoming environment and a very fun adventure. Super nice date with my girlfriend too.