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    Hollywood Showbiz Tour

    Phillip (Felix) was very informative and well-researched. His walking tour was entertaining, and he kept the interest of our group for the entire time. He has a deep knowledge of the history of Hollywood, and it was fascinating to learn some of the inside scoop, particularly of the birth of Hollywood. I'd definitely recommend this tour for anyone who enjoys the history of movies, TV, or music.
    Exceeded all our expectations. Felix is a brilliant tour guide into a world that few of us know so little about. His command of the history of the early years of film making & his delight in the stories & personalities he evokes brought to life, vividly, the birth of the movies.
    A little too much detail about business end and early 1900s Wanted more info which was closer to the "times" I think younger people would like more contemporary info.
    This was an amazing tour! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn unusual and interesting things about old Hollywood.
    The tour provides an experience that is rarely or never available in any other tour. I'm sure the information is also not available in any single book. Philip also provides the appropriate atmosphere to revel in the wonder that is in front of those joining the tour.