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    Westminster Walk

    Pete is a very knowledgeable guide who loves the area. He knows the local people and the street artists. 2 hours just flies by. The tour is very local as there is so much to do see in the Brick Lane area so there really is not too much walking.
    Wonderful, interesting, engaging, lively, visually cool - a fabulous experience for all of us! Many thankyous Pete:D
    Peter is a Great guy who even makes it fun when walking in the rain.
    The guide was fantastic. We really enjoyed the tour in BBrick Lane, we found out a lot of fantastic secrets. We sure are going to suggest this experience to our friends.
    We really enjoyed the tour guided by Pete, who has a deep knowledge of London, the area and knows lots of anecdotes that only a local would know. Nothing to do with other tours focused on history, architecture, art... this one combines a bit of everything which is much more enjoyable ! We were really impressed, this tour is 100% recommended I am looking forward to going on the other tours :)

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