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    I was very satisfied with the class with Fred Ruiz. He was professional and I learned a lot. The only thing unsatisfying was the class was on a Thursday, I came to the range on Tuesday and asked the girls up front if the class had a minimum attendance and if it was going to be held. They said yes. Then during the phone call with the girl the night before I asked the same question. After the class was over Fred told me there is a three person minimum for the class. In this day and age of computers it seems like to me you should be able to know something like this. I was from Tucson AZ and I appreciate Fred and Range 702 went ahead and had the class even though I was the only one signed up. I would have understood if the class was canceled that is why I asked the question.
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    Very knowledgeable information that any gun owner should have. Thank you guys I will be back for more training
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    Very knowledgeable and professional staff. It was a wonderful tour with excellent photo opportunities.