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    For the price of the private party it would have been nice for an attentive helper for party room we changed the trash bags because were over flowing. They were friendly did a great job inside the battle and switching out upgrade guns etc. The party room was a little messy too of fridge was covered with leftover party stuff.
    November 20, 2017 | Private Nerf Party in Denton
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    The leaders of our open play area only seemed halfway interested in managing the field and after 20-30 minutes, my birthday party of 8 was either bored or tired of nonparty members pegging them repeatedly. Whereas the actions of both the field leaders (teens) and my 13yo bday party were all age appropriate, I see the opportunity for a stellar experience if the Open Play leaders were more involved in the play/interactions to make it more fun than running around my backyard. The concept is amazing.

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