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    Under $50 in Chicago

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    October 29, 2018 | Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour
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    We had a great time on this tour. Our guide was very entertaining and knowlegable and we enjoyed his stories and his humor very much.
    October 26, 2018 | Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour
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    It was a fun experience. The different locations were very interesting. The movement of the dowsing rods was crazy. Creepy feelings in our group at Hull House!!
    October 9, 2018 | Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour
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    It was such a good tour - I learned a lot of Chicago history which was fascinating. My daughter loved the hands on part of the tour with the meters and rods. I could tell that our guide enjoyed his job...he made the tour so much more fun and interesting! I will refer your company to everyone as something fun to do in the city.
    September 4, 2018 | Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour
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    There was a group on the tour who were doing drugs on the side throughout the whole tour and were just being obnoxious. They even broke a glass bowl/pipe at the Hull house when they thought no one was looking. I just happened to step over it when one of my friends pointed out what they were doing. We were hoping to lose them after the main tour, but our tour guides that evening recruited them for the paranormal investigation. The one girl was so high she could barely function and they just kept being loud and obnoxious as we were going through the hotel yelling profanities and knocking on doors even when told not too. I don't understand why they were allowed to continue to participate when they couldn't even follow the rules. We even had some activity (unless it was staged) that made it exciting, but then ruined by the two girls. We were able to briefly break off from the group since there were two guides and we told our guide what was happening yet they were able to still do it when we met back up with them. Outside of that, this was a fantastic tour and experience. Just be mindful that it is sometimes okay to turn away drunk, high and disorderly people and refund them to keep the remainder of the group satisfied.
    August 27, 2018 | Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour
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