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    Hop On Hop Off Tours in Chicago

    There were some logistics problems, but they handled them professionally and rectified the situation quickly. I did feel that the tour was a bit long. Booking through Chicago Hauntings, I thought it would be more about some haunted places in Chicago related to the serial killings. This was more history. I enjoyed it but towards the end I felt it dragging a bit. All and all an interesting tour, just not was I was expecting.
    We really enjoyed our tour. The only issue was the mix up with the departing location but that was resolved by the time we boarded the bus. This was my 2nd tour with you guys and I will definitely be going on another one. Our tour guide Clarence Goodman was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable and brought an element of comedy to it as well. An overall great experience.
    Clarence was an excellent tour guide; he was knowledgeable, entertaining, and energetic (despite numerous bus problems). Why I dropped this rating to a 4 was what seemed like an unnecessary visit to the pub, which had really nothing to do with the tour. If we can BYOB on the bus, why stop at a pub? I would much rather visit another site or stop at Union Stockyards to talk abut that history as it was discussed heavily in the book. Or even get out at the Wooded Isle/Japanese Gardens when they are finished. I felt like the pub was a way to kill time that could have been filled in other, much better ways.
    The tour was great, and our guide was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I could have listened to him talk all day. The main reason for not making 5 stars is due to the confusion about the pickup location on the email confirmation that got sent out and having to wait 30 minutes to get picked up. Other than that, awesome tour!
    Well, it seems that all the juicy stories about H.H. Holmes are made up or exaggerated. To hear the real story was actually boring. It was a good time overall and Adam Selzer did a great job.