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    Great service - fun, happy staff, and fun activity.
    Faltou alguma escada que facilitasse o acesso ao barco depois do mergulho nos recifes. Pessoas com restrição motora tem muita dificuldade em retornar ao barco.
    It was a fantastic day and Jimmy our guide really knew his stuff took us to all the perfect piaces to see the wonderful world of the reef. It was great fun riding the speed boats .
    The overall experience was great, staff was relatively helpful and friendly, but a majority of the group we were apart of didn't follow instuctions and had a hard time driving the boats. I thought at one point, since we weren't far from the marina they were going to send some people back.
    The boats were fun and the snorkeling was nice. It was just annoying being yelled at to stay in a straight line and not being able to fool around a bit. It's not like the boats are gonna break from driving over another boats wakes and getting some bumps and fun.