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    Was a great trip- staff was fantastic! Thanks again!
    Only downside was the high number of people allowed on the trip. We did not expect it to be extremely full. Every spot on the boat was taken by the time we arrived. We arrived last because one of the guests we picked up on the shuttle was sick and we waited for them. During the snorkeling, it was very crowded when the guide kept everyone together. Lots of people getting kicked by other people. I'd recommend lowering the max limit per adventure to make it more enjoyable. Otherwise the people to arrive last to the boat (which is out of their control), may have to stand and not even get to sit down on the boat.
    Great crew! Disappointed that there was no sailing, just motor the whole way. One of the reasons we chose a catamaran trip was because we wanted the experience of being propelled by the wind. Food was good too.
    We have been on other Catamaran tours before where the food was all you can eat or you were not limited to just one choice of item. The steak was tough with grizzle. Otherwise the crew were very friendly and hospitable. A fun time. Our group said it was the best snorkelling they have been on.
    November 13, 2016 | Riviera Maya Sailing Adventure

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