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The experience of one day in Calakmul ruins was amazing: seeing plenty of animals, having a lot of time to spend among the ruins, learning plenty of things about the Mayan culture. However the first day, the trek to Oxpemul was a bit disappointing. Oxpemul was great, the things we learnt over there aswell, but the trek was quite fast, wihtout having time to enjoy the nature that envolved us or learning things about the plants and animals we saw while we was walking. It seemed a race. We had hoped a more calmed trek, with time to stop to hear the explanations of the guide about some interesting thing we had cross in the jungle. That happened a few times only in a 20 km walk! In addition, the night spent at the camping site of Laguna Carolina, was not the night expected in the jungle. Even if it's not the best time to spend a night in the jungle because of being in the raining period of the year, we had expected a more "boy scout" experience, with maybe a fire at night and everybody around it speaking of what we had seen that day and what was expected for the day after. And it's better to dine at the camping site than in a restaurant in Xpujil! For us it would have been more thrilling, more adventure-like. Here we missed our guide had got involved more with us to spend the time at the camping site instead of being exclusively our private chauffeur, driving us from Calakmul to the camping site, from the camping site to the restaurant and the way back. However, Calakmul and Oxpemul worths the journey.
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