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    My wife and I and another couple decided to try this wine tour this past Saturday, not knowing quite what to expect. After checking in at Legal (the hostess wasn't quite sure if we were at the right Legal location), we waited a few minutes and a bridal party soon joined us and then our guide Fiona Coxe greeted us all and brought us downstairs to begin. I won't bore you with a minute-by-minute accounting, but suffice to say, we had a great time. While we didn't do this in hopes of it being like a wine school, it certainly was educational. Yet, Fiona was very patient with us, incredibly informative and really made us all feel quite relaxed. Most importantly, she didn't "talk down" to us. While she obviously has great knowledge of wines, she never made any of us feel like we had asked a silly question. On the contrary, she made us all feel great about asking any of our questions. It was a great way to spend two hours, learning about and enjoying wines we might not have otherwise tried. If I had to find one negative, it was that our impression of it being a wine "tour" was that we would be traveling to a couple more spots along the way. That said, the depth of discussion probably could not have been accomplished had we visited more establishments. So maybe call it a "two-stop wine class" or something. :)
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    Fiona was great. She taught us so many things a new wine drinker should know. How to "taste" a wine at a restaurant, why wines are in the order they are on a menu, how a wine should not taste exactly the same year after year and so much more! I really enjoyed the locations, the wine and the food - all were great. We will definitely recommend "City Wine Tours" and will go on another one in the future.
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    Our tour guide was beyond excellent! She was incredibly knowledgable and personable. I have done two tours in the past, the theatre district and the north end. I was disappointed there were only two stops on this time around. The previous tours I have been on had four stops. It's not much of a tour with only two stops. The information on how to do a tasting does not change so it's nice that the restaurants do and I would think would get you repeat business that way.
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