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    I signed up for the Firearm Safety Class and on my way to the class I had no idea what to expect. I wasn't scared at the thought of guns but I became really nervous when we were given several different real ones to handle. The instructor though, Paul I believe, was really knowledgeable and made the class comfortable as well as humerous. The guns that we handled were pistols. Even though we received great info with real life examples on guns and gun safety, there wasn't any live shooting done and the class went well over the specified time which is why I gave it a 4/5. Either way, I would recommend this class to other friends or family and anyone looking to become introduced to using and handling guns/firearms in a safe, controlled way.
    valuable and helpful for the beginners
    The class was very informative and professionally instructed. I would recommend any person interested in firearm training to attend even if they have prior experience with firearms.
    I felt that Paul was very informative and supplied all the necessary information in a format that was easily understandable. He answered all questions thoroughly. Overall I was very satisfied with the course. Thank you Paul! Nice job!
    The class was professionally done. the 4.5-5hrs was well worth the time. I would recommend to others needing the certificate. IM

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