A great startup is built by great people who are passionate not just about their own work, but also about building a fun culture and a successful company. At Peek, that's part of the job description.


Enjoy our weekly team lunches with amazing guest speakers like Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Square), Rick Dalzell (AWS, Amazon), Jeff Fluhr (StubHub), Hadi Partovi (Code.org), Michael Preysman (Everlane), & Michelle Zatlyn (CloudFlare).

Fun Times

The Peek team is a close-knit group of friends and colleagues, and we love to have fun together outside of the office. Like doing the awesome Peek.com activities.

Beautiful Apps, Enterprise SaaS.

At Peek we believe in the art of crafting quality code and we have some unusually challenging work in store; building the OpenTable of travel activities isn’t easy!

We value being a product and business focused engineering organization, and we are looking for engineers ready to dig into every aspect of the business and deliver products that bring the absolute best user experience in our industry.

Sound hard? It is! That's what makes it fun!


Open Engineering Positions

iOS Engineer
We already have the best apps in the industry - wait 'till you see what's next..
Sr. Backend Engineer
Real-time availability with dynamic pricing and resource allocations doesn't scare you one bit? Come show us the way.
Sr. Fullstack Engineer
If you're capable of crushing complex features from all sides of the stack, boy oh boy do we have some fun for you!
Sr. QA Engineer
We're only as weak as our strongest bug. We place the integrity and reputation of our products in your hands.


The Best Investors

We're backed by Eric Schmidt, Jack Dorsey, David Bonderman, SV Angel and CAA. We raised our Series A in October 2013.

Fun Team Outings

From company retreats in Lake Tahoe to epic trampoline dodge-ball, we are always looking for new activities.

All You Can Eat

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner around the Peeknic table

Dream Work Setup

New Macs, Cinema Displays, music, and your choice of standing/sitting desk!

Rockstar Lunches

Every Thursday, the Valley's best founders join our Peeknic to talk shop.

Free Peek Activities

There's nothing quite like using your own product to explore the world!



Check This Out!

We were asked to do a product demo at this year's re/code's Code/Conference.

It was a blast and we hope it gives you a better idea of what we do!